Kids watch great shows and movies.

Parents discover more about their kids.

Grow together.

For Kids

Custom-made for little fingers and large curiosities, kids watch age-appropriate videos, commercial-free. With new and classic TV shows, movies and video storybooks, your child is free to explore a safe world of entertainment!

An Amazing Experience

From the engaging content to the fun and simple app, kids love watching their favorite characters on an iPhone, iPad, or on the big screen with AppleTV!

Characters Kids Love

Kids discover new characters and spend time with ones they already love. With a robust list of premium children’s content providers, there’s always something new and exciting on QKids!

Topics Kids Care About

With identifiable picture icons, ‘Topics’ help kids discover the videos they want to watch. Action & Adventure, Dogs, Cats & Pets, Heroes, Princesses & Fairies, Robots, and many more!

Personalized Adventures

Within a single QKids account, a parent can create an unlimited number of child profiles, one for each child in the household. The Profile Manager enables you to customize each profile with the child's name and a unique avatar image (selected from an in-app list of 18 exclusive QKids avatars). If more than one child profile has been setup, then switching between them is quick and simple. A child can easily tap on a video's heart button to add it as a favorite to their profile’s very own My Q list.

Coming Soon For Parents

Gain Valuable Insights

The easy-to-use Activity Dashboard lets you track your child's viewing history and better understand the types of videos they watch. You can also set in-app timers to limit their QKids screen time.

Discover What Your Kids Like

Learn about the topics and themes of the shows they watch. See how they change over time. Discover recommended videos based on your child’s interests.


Get to know the characters in your kids’ favorite videos. Use ‘Discussion Questions’ and ‘Fun Facts’ to engage your child offline. Grow together!

Why QKids?

Everything Kids Want

QKids has the most robust library of premium kids content in one place, all in HD quality and commercial-free.

Parent Tools

QKids lets parents gain valuable insights, see trends, set limits, facilitate conversations and grow with their kids.

Designed for Kids

QKids is a custom platform carefully designed for the precious imaginative minds of young children. A fun and inviting environment that is simple to use.

Secure and Safe

QKids is a kids-only service. There are no inappropriate videos. Ever. And special "grown-ups only" sections in the app keep young children away from in-app purchases and settings.

Prefer the Big Screen?

No problem. Qkids is now available on the NEW Apple TV. Children can enjoy all of their favorite Qkids shows and features right on your home television.