Qkids Curriculum System
Based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR),
our curriculum is exclusively developed with the children in mind.

Lessons for Every Learning Step

Our lesson content accompanies your child through his journey of learning English. From ABC to fluency

课程体系 课程体系级别参考表 Theme Course C Reading (Coming Soon) Q-science L2+ (Coming Soon) Theme Course A/B Phonics Q-science L1 Sight Words Level 12 Level 11 Level 10 Level 9 Advanced Level 8 Level 7 Level 6 Level 5 Intermediate Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1 Preliminary Starter Starter B1-B2 A1-A2 Pre A1 Theme Course Minor Course Core Course Qkids Levels CEFR

Scientific Learning Cycle

Three-dimensional learning process to make children love learning English

Pre-class introduction
& study
In-class interaction
& learning
After class practice
& review
Placement Test
  • Individualized placement test
  • Curriculum level recommendation
Study Cycle
Unit Test
  • A quiz after every 10 lessons
  • In-time supervision
Level Test
  • Reinforce learning via assessments
  • Strengthen course effects

Major Program

730 Lessons and 5000+ activities towards English proficiency.

Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Get familiar with common words in life
  • Cultivate interest and confidence in learning English
  • Understand simple orders and give responses
  • Make daily conversation by using simple sentence structures
Level 1
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Introduce oneself, family members and friends
  • Describe one's appearance, clothes and preferences
  • Describe weather and locations
  • Use simple imperative sentences
Level 2
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Talk about occupations, working places and occupational skills
  • Learn to ask prices, bargain and shop
  • Express requests and willingness
  • Describe one's travel and make travel plans
Level 3
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Describe the environment and facilities of a school, a city and a restaurant
  • Describe health condition and express needs
  • Learn etiquettes of eating out
  • Read maps, ask for directions, give directions and use transportation
  • Read and write letters
Level 4
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Describe animal habitats and animal features
  • Get to know the link-verb and predicative structure. Describe feelings and give advice
  • Make comparisons and give comments
  • Conduct surveys and analyze vote results
Level 5
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Describe symptoms and give suggestions
  • Classify movies and express likes and dislikes
  • Evaluate the living situation of animals and discuss protection plans
  • Make and discuss holiday plans
  • Make shopping lists and write recipes
Level 6
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Learn vocabulary about countries, landscape, climate, festivals, etc.
  • Use simple past tense to describe activities in the past. Combine and apply different tenses comprehensively
  • Make comparisons of the life style between present and past
  • Learn festive customs and culture
Level 7
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Make comparisons between animals, including size and speed
  • Compare and discuss the area, population and landscape of cities and countries
  • Evaluate the urban facilities by comparing their advantages and disadvantages and make decisions
  • Retell fairy tales and short stories. Make comments on the plots and characters
Level 8
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Describe the materials of objects and the manufacturing process
  • Make inferences and prediction according to given clues
  • Analyze and reason
  • Make complicated recipes
  • Practical writing, such as a lost-and-found notice
Level 9
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Report news and events
  • Summarize plots of classic stories
  • Report tasks and projects and make comments
  • Report discourses and information
Level 10
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Comprehend articles and get the details
  • Analyse the structure of articles
  • Discuss and debate on different topics
  • Make speeches
Level 11
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Read multi-genre articles
  • Apply reading strategies when reading long articles
  • Make mind maps
  • Discuss and debate about a topic
Level 12
Key sentences
Kids will:
  • Read excerpts of science and literature works
  • Practice reading strategies

Minor Programs

Minor program is available along-side the major program. Depending on your child's level, different lessons will be recommended like phonics for beginners, or reading for intermediate learners. Side courses help you enhance and consolidate your child's English abilities

Phonics program Science program
Phonics program
Our Phonics program is based on research into Letters and Sounds (UK), Common Core (USA) and some other classic textbooks on Phonics. Designed according to learning characteristics of non-native young learners, our Phonics program is more suitable for children. We use proven, simple, and fun methods to give your child a strong foundation in pronouncing, listening, reading and writing skills.
Science program
Come and follow Noah and Ruby! They are going to start their adventure in search of mysterious space stones. Following Noah and Ruby, we can learn about various interesting knowledge such as biological classification, biological cycle, color mixing theory, etc. Are you excited? Let’s get started!

Theme-based Programs

Theme-based program helps your child expand his vocabulary and learn about different topics related to his/her daily life. Learn about Easter in Spring, and take a class about the Ocean before going on vacation

Ocean program
Have you ever wondered about ocean? Are you curious about what exactly exists under the seawater? Come and follow us! Our Ocean program provides original stories and exquisite animations for your child to drift into the magical world underwater. Let’s see what sea animals we can meet and what living habits we can learn from them.
Adventure program
Do you like adventures? If so, here comes the opportunity! Our Fairy Tales program is going to take an adventure to explore the plants’ world. Besides, we are going to expose the secrets of plant growth. Are you looking forward to it? Join us!
Universe program
Are you ready? Our spaceship is about to go into space. This time our mission is to get to know more about our familiar planets, explore distant stars and study the rare Comet Halley. Fasten your seat belt! Our space travel has begun!
Dinosaur program
Attention, please! This time we’re going back to the Jurassic period to visit dinosaurs. This trip is going to help us unlock the world of dinosaurs. We will learn about how they live and what their fossils look like. What’s more important, we will explore why dinosaurs die out. Are you ready? Let’s get to the Jurassic world!