Qkids Announces the International Launch of the New Q Science Course
2020-01-02 06:28 admin

China, July 23, 2019 — Qkids, China’s leading online English education platform, today announced the launch of a new science-based English course “Q Science”. The course draws on the Singapore approach to learning Science and encourages students to conduct inquiry-based learning around the scientific principles of everyday life in a full English context.

Along with the course, Qkids has also jointly developed the series of Q Science textbooks with the Singapore-based Star Publishing, an expert in the development of science teaching materials, and published the textbooks internationally. This makes Qkids the first Chinese online education company to co-develop and co-publish its textbooks outside China with an overseas publishing company.

“As one of the leading educational publishers for textbooks in Singapore, we are excited by this collaboration. We have always been passionate about developing quality resources that make an impact in the learning experiences of students. The Q Science textbooks and activity books will provide the students with authentic knowledge and skills for proactive learning,” said Steve Seow, Chairman of Star Publishing.

“We are very pleased to launch Q Science course and publish its textbook series jointly with Star Publishing,” says Adam Chen, Co-founder and Global President of Qkids. “The Q Science textbook is well designed for Asian students, culturally fit, with scientific methodology and worldwide perspective. Using the series of textbooks, along with our online courses, Q Science enables students to optimize their learning process, and gain lasting interests in both language learning and science knowledge, thus achieving valuable growth.”

Q Science is a new interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on common scientific principles and phenomena in life, covering topics such as astronomy, electricity, magnetism, ergonomics, growth of plants, and the theory of color and color mixing. Adopting to the widely recognized ‘5E’ teaching model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate, it enables students to remove learning barriers in scientific fields and stimulate their interest in the subject.

The course has been available on Qkids’ platform since July 1. Following the typical Qkids English teaching arrangement, each class consists of four students and is taught by qualified North American teachers.

The series of Q Science textbooks, written in full English, consists of one book for lecture and one book for extracurricular activities. Both books focus on the world around the students, stimulating their interests in learning and logical thinking while improving English vocabulary and literacy. The supporting textbook reflects the high-quality materials and teaching standards Qkids parents have grown to expect.

The launch of Q Science marks the further enrichment of Qkids curriculum system. At present, Qkids offers major courses of 12 levels, two theme courses and three supporting courses, which fully meet the learning demands of students across a variety of ages and English levels. Chosen by more than 600,000 families, Qkids is determined to offer support to the development of each child, so that more families can enjoy the world’s high-quality education resources at a more reasonable cost.